Airship: Academy Presskit




Revolution Industry

Office Location:

Bangkok, Thailand

Estimated Release Date:
Q4 - 2022


PC and more to come



Retail Price:

To be determined


Revolution Industry is a team of game industry veterans, each of us is now on more than or almost 10 years of game industry experience. We worked together on Airship Academy as a part-time project for 2 years. And as of 2020, starting to commit to the game full-time. We are highly confident that given the funding and interest comes as expected, we will be delivering the complete version of Airship Academy by late 2022.


Airship: Academy is a fantasy airship skyfaring simulation game with hyper-rich lore and narrative. Inspired by many space-sim and pirate-sim such as Star Control, Freelancer, and Sid Meier's Pirates.

  • You are a veteran airship commander enlisted for a job in a Kingdom far from home

  • Navigate a vast open world and explore the sky of a shattered continent

  • Engage in spectacular airship battles with insurmountable depth and complexity

  • Fight pirates, rob merchants, repel law enforcers and challenge the military

  • Buy, build, and upgrade your airships and parts. Enlist, level up, and build relationships with your crews

  • Traverse the skyscape and learn about the history and recent events through helping and listening to people

  • Visit ports, towns, villages, and cities to collect resources and build industries

  • Over 70 ports and 150 NPCs each with unique storylines

  • Over 30 different airships with more than 150 parts to fit into them

  • More than 100 questlines to follow and unravel lore and mysteries of the world


The Great Sky War has stalled, it has been almost a year since the last battle. War has been a good business. Without it, you have been resorting to freelancing to get by. An offer arrived one morning, from some big-name trade and security company. It is an honest and stable job, so you took it right away. Now you found yourself at the Segson Archipelago, unknowingly involved in something far greater than you ever wished for.

Eons ago, the Great Cataclysm shattered Spheara into pieces. Wild magic wind engulfed the globe, lifting the grounds hanging afloat in the sky. Spheara is the world in the sky above the deadly and dark ocean. Life in such a world is difficult and perilous but humanity and civilizations found ways to prosper.

The place in the center of our focus is the continental group of landmass called Europa. These landmasses above the great ocean below is classified into three belts or rings by their vastly different distance above the sea level. Different nations and cultures developed on different archipelagos, at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, they struggle to define their coexistence.

The Kingdom of Suthseg has long been the sovereignty over the Sagson Archipelago, a cluster of three major drifting landmasses with plenty of rich minor isles. The Archipelago also holds the key prominent point of interest, that is the Great Mana Coil, the largest gateway allowing airships to descend and ascend across belts.

Destiny has brought about two young souls and two patriarchs together. All strive towards different things in life and want a better world for themselves and those who come after them. What will be their legacies?

You can make, buy, or take ship parts from many sources and fit them into a wide variety of airship frames. The balance between speed, agility, durability, firepower, and transport efficiency are key to various strategies and tactics once entered into battle.

Exercise the best use of tactics and skills of the crewmen. Push the capability of an airship to its limit and seize the day to enjoy to spoil of victory.

The continent is vast. It has many things to offer, many stories to tell, treasures to collect, and mysteries to unravel. The measurement unit and time taken during travel are measured in real-time and real units. Even though the player can accelerate time, this can infuse them with a strong sense of immersion.

Many ports and merchants offer parts, ships, and all sorts of other items that would aid the player in their quests for fame and fortune. Merchants sell and buy specific things, demand and supplies are also limited to the nature of the settlement they are from.

Producing, processing, transporting, assembling, and manufacturing goods and weapons are beats that keep Europa going. While skyfaring, freelancing, and privateering could earn a ship captain a good fortune; supporting and arming a fleet would require other kinds of ingenuity.


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About  The Game Director


Saranpat (Jay) Sereewiwattana

“I am making a world that lasts and grows by its fanbases like Warhammer 40k, Star Wars, EVE, and Rimworld. This is a history in the making and I would like to invite you to take part in it” - Jay


  • 16 Years in the game industry

  • 14 Years managing game projects

  • 40+ Titles released


Currently held positions:

  • Founder: Revolution Industry

  • Executive Producer: 1Moby Studio


Previous works:

  • Managing Director: Cloud Colour Games

  • Executive Producer: Extreme Studios

  • Co-Founder: MotionX Game Studio

  • COO: Playlab 

  • Producer: Flipinvert/Gameduell